Attraction Basketball gives everyone the opportunity to test their accuracy. The task for the players is to throw the ball as many times as possible in Basketball hoop. The game consists of several layers:

  • to qualify for round 2, you have to reach 40 points in the time limit;
  • to qualify for round 3, you have to reach 150 points in the time limit;
  • to qualify for final round, you have to reach 250 points in the time limit.

The attraction can be used by both children and adults, but, please, keep in mind that children must be able to throw to ball up to the Basketball hoop.

The attraction is located in house named Hipodroms. You also can find other attractions in there – like Hippodrome, Darts, Shooting gallery, Football and Boxing.

The attraction is automated, meaning, it does not require a ticked from box office to attend it. In order to use the attraction, visitors must place an euro coin the space provided. We ask that you prepare exactly one euro coin, as the attraction will not accept any other coin and will not give out change.


Attraction ticket Price
1 game 1,00 €