Attraction – arcade game Football gives everyone the opportunity to test the strength of their legs. The task of the participants is to hit the Football ball as strong as possible. After impact, the attraction determines the strength of the impact on a scale from 0 to 999.

The attraction can be used by both children and adults, but please keep in mind that the child should be able to stand stable and kick the ball.

The attraction is located in house named Hipodroms. You also can find other attractions in there – like Hippodrome, Darts, Shooting gallery, Basketball and Boxing.

The attraction is automated, meaning, it does not require a ticked from box office to attend it. In order to use the attraction, visitors must place a coin the space provided. Please note that the attraction does not give out change, so simply putting in a euro or two euro coin will just increase the number of hits available.


Attraction ticket Price
1 kick 0,50 €
2 kicks 1,00 €
4 kicks 2,00 €


Dear customers,

Before the visit to the attraction, please, read and introduce your child with the terms of use and make sure your child really wants to use the attraction.

During the visit to the attraction customers are willing to respect the instructions of the service staff.