Horses and speed – entertainment for all!

The winner gets the prize.

The attraction is intended for all ages.

Rules of the game:

  1. The attraction can be used by 2-12 participants.
  2. Choose your horse and get in your place for the game.
  3. When hear the start signal, take a ball and trow it in the pockets.
  4. The more accurate you are with getting the balls in the pockets, the quicker your horse is going to run. If you hit the red pocket, the horse does 3 steps, blue pocket – 2 steps, yellow pocket – 1 step.*
  5. The game is over when one of the horses gets to the finish line
  6. The first to reach the finish line is the winner and gets the prize.


Ticket Price
1 person – 1 game 2,50 €


The attraction is located in house named Hipodroms. You also can find other attractions in there – like Football, Darts, Shooting gallery, Basketball and Boxing.

Rules for the attraction Hippodrome

  1. Dear visitors, please read and familiarize your children with the rules of use for the attraction before taking part in it. Make sure that your child wants to use the amusement.
  2. Make sure your child understands and commits to the use of rules for this attraction.
  3. Visitors agree to follow the instructions of the service staff during the use of it.
  4. In case of any uncertainty, malaise or other unforeseen circumstances, please contact to service staff.
  5. The attraction if made for all groups of age.
  6. Parents are allowed and encouraged to help their children (rolling the balls together, as well as moral encouragement).

Other terms:

  • Please be patient and respect other customers, wait in the queue and do not delay it.
  • In the case of technical failure of the attraction, please stay calm and do not worry, your ticket will be refunded or other alternative suggested.

If the customer fails to comply with the terms of use of the attraction, the service personnel, assessing the situation, has the right to state the remarks, not admit or even ban the customer from the attraction.

The service provider provides a secure visit, in accordance with the instructions that has to be strictly followed by the user / visitor.

Responsibility of the service provider – to ensure that equipment of the attraction is safe and appropriate to standards.

User responsibility – to use the equipment in accordance with the instructions and to follow the instructions of the service personnel.

Administration and service personnel are not responsible for injuries and accidents that have occurred without observing the instructions for use of the attraction and not following the instructions of the service personnel.

Have a pleasant visit!