Attraction Velocarts is suitable for children, adolescents and adults, as each visitor has the opportunity to choose the most suitable size velocart and adjust it’s seating distance to pedals.

The track is equipped with road signs and traffic lights, obliging everyone to learn and follow the rules of the road.

Some of the carts have a capacity to carry 2 persons, one of them would be a driver and other a passenger;

Ticket Price
1 person 10min 3,00 €
1 person 20min (only on working days) 4,00 €
1 person 30min (only on working days) 5,00 €


  • The attraction is intended for the children over 3 years of age and the adults.

Attraction Velocarts terms of use

    1. Dear parents, please read and familiarize your children with rules for this attraction before using this carousel and make sure your child wants to use this attraction.
    2. Make sure your child understands and commits to the use of the amusement.
    3. Visitors undertake to follow the instructions.
    4. Parents! Stay close to the attraction during the use of it so that the child or staff can contact you if necessary.
    5. In the event of any uncertainty, malaise or other unforeseen circumstances, please contact the service personnel immediately.
    6. Visitors to the attraction are served on a first-come, first-served basis.
    7. Access to the active area behind the fence (the track) is only allowed upon invitation of service personnel.
    8. To take care of your personal belongings during you visit to the attraction, it is advisable to empty your pockets to you parents or friends before entering the attraction.
    9. Together with your instructor, choose a velocart appropriate to your age and height.
    10. While using the attraction, you should sit down and stay in this position throughout the ride.
    11. When driving, follow the direction of travel, the restrictions of the route and the directions of the service staff.
    12. If you encounter any problems during your visit, stop as close to the border as possible and raise your hand.
    13. After the ride, the velocart must be returned to the start / finish point.
    14. During the use of the attraction it is prohibited to:
      • Stop in the middle of the track;
      • Walk the track on foot;
      • Drive over other velocarts, road signs, track borders and green areas;
      • Use chewing gum, candy, drinks and other foods;
      • Arrive with sharp objects (including goggles, necklaces, strings) that endanger the safety and health of children;
      • interfere in any way with other visitors and damage the attraction or it’s equipment;
      • Get on your feet, stretch your hands and legs outside of the velocart;
      • Sit where it is not intended by design of the attraction; all participants must be in a forward facing sitting position.
    15. The use of an attraction under the influence of alcohol, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances is strictly prohibited!
    16. Parents, please keep an eye on your children’s personal belongings.
    17. Be understanding and respect other visitors in the queue, don’t hinder other visitors to the attraction.
    18. In the event of technical equipment faults, please keep calm and don’t worry – your ticket will be refunded or another alternative suggested.
    19. In case of bad weather (heavy rain, strong wind) the attraction is not operated.
    20. Service personnel may make a critical remark, refuse to enter or expel in a case of disregarding the terms of use for the attraction.