Tower “Lighthouse”

Attraction Tower “Lighthouse” gives an opportunity for visitors to see the panorama of the theme park and Krasta street, turning 360 degrees around the tower. Visitors of the attraction are seated, when staff fixes the safety bar and makes sure it’s secure. Then, with the force of their hands and holding on to the rope, visitors pull themselves up to the Towers highest point, from where you can watch the best views. No need to be afraid, using the attraction does not require much physical force.

We can whisper that use of the attraction Tower “Lighthouse” in sunset will turn out especially romantic.

Time limit – 2 minutes.

Attraction ticket Price
1 person 3,50 €
2 persons 5,00 €

Restrictions of attraction:

  • The attraction is intended to children from 5 years of age, adolescents and adults;
  • weight limit of the attraction – the capacity of double chair is 180kg.

Attractions Tower “Lighthouse” terms of use

  1. Parents! Stay close to the attraction during the use of it so that the child or staff can contact you if necessary.
  2. In the event of any uncertainty, malaise or other unforeseen circumstances, please contact the service personnel immediately.
  3. The attraction may only be used with the permission of the staff.
  4. Visitors to the attraction are served on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. Access to the active area behind the fence is only allowed upon invitation of service personnel.
  6. To take care of your personal belongings during you visit to the attraction, it is advisable to empty your pockets to you parents or friends before entering the attraction.
  7. At the invitation of the staff, take a vacant position and note that you must be in a sitting position throughout the ride.
  8. After locking the safety bar, pull yourself up, hold the rope and enjoy the panorama!
  9. After the end of ride, the safety bar is lifted by the service personnel.
  10. Entering and exiting the attraction may only be done with the permission of the service personnel!
  11. While using the attraction, it is strictly forbidden to:
    • climb over or otherwise cross the enclosure around the attraction;
    • Get off the attraction while it’s still moving;
    • get up, squat or bend over your seat;
    • lift up safety bar;
    • bring food, drinks or sharp objects which you could be injured with;
    • interfere in any way with other visitors and damage the attraction or it’s equipment;
  12. Other rules:
    • The use of an attraction under the influence of alcohol, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances is strictly prohibited!
    • Parents, please keep an eye on your children’s personal belongings.
    • Be understanding and respect other visitors in the queue, don’t hinder other visitors to the attraction.
    • In the event of technical equipment faults, please keep calm and don’t worry – your ticket will be refunded or another alternative suggested.
    • In case of bad weather (rain, strong wind)the attraction is not operated.

Attractions Tower “Lighthouse” history

Attraction Tower in the amusement park has been around for a long time, but for some time it was not being operated. In the second half of 2019, the attraction was reconstructed and renovated both technically and visually. Initially, the attraction was blue and yellow.

Atrakcija Tornis "Bāka" kādreiz bija zili dzeltenos toņos

Previous look of attraction Tower “Lighthouse”

At the moment, after renovation, the attraction is white and red, visually resembling a lighthouse.

For the time being, this is one of the few attractions of this kind in Latvia.