Terms and Conditions

Dear Customers,

before using the Park’s attractions please check and introduce your children to the Terms and Conditions of use and make sure that your child is willing to use specific attractions.

  1. Make sure, that your child understands the Terms and Conditions of use and agrees to comply with them.
  2. Please pay attention to our restrictions.  Before getting a ticket make sure that you or your child’s height, weight and age allows them to use the specific attraction.
  3. When using the attractions individuals must comply with all service staff specific safety directions.
  4. Parents must pay close attention to their children’s activities and their personal belongings. While using our attractions please stay close to the attraction, so that if necessary, your child can contact you at any moment.
  5. If at any moment while using our attraction you feel discomfort, start feeling unwell or there are unforeseen events, immediately contact a member of staff.
  6. Only enter the active area around the attraction, from behind the fence, after the member of staff has invited you to do so.
  7. It is forbidden to use our attractions under the influence of alcohol, drugs, psychotropic substances, and strong medication. As these may affect your ability to control your actions, reduce the ability to navigate, worsens vision and reduce response times.
  8. It is forbidden to smoke in the amusement park, except at the designated places.
  9. The customers are served sequentialy from the queue.
  10. Please stay calm and don’t panic if the equipment malfunctions. Your purchased ticket will be exchanged for another attraction.
  11. Tickets purchased are valid only on the day of the purchase.
  12. In bad weather conditions such as rain or strong wind some of the attractions may not be operated or the amusement park may close earlier. If you plan to use purchased ticket later, we recommend that you to make sure you check the weather forecast, to see whether it will be possible. Money for purchased tickets won’t be returned, if the amusement park closes early because of the bad weather conditions or other safety reasons.
  13. To purchase a ticket for attractions which need to be accompanied by an adult, please note that an adult is a person who is above 18 years of age.
  14. If you have bought a ticket for a particular attraction and change your mind, you can have it exchanged for a ticket to a different attraction, but the money for purchased ticket will not be refunded.
  15. If you bought a day ticket or a ticket to a different attraction, which requires a bracelet, please don’t tear it off and don’t let your child to tear it off before the end of the visited attraction. With a damaged bracelet the staff can prohibit you from entering the attraction. Damaged bracelets can’t be exchanged and money will not be refunded.
  16. Please note that the bracelets have to be put around the hand (or leg) of the person who is visiting the attraction. Bracelets put on by parents are not suitable for children. Incorrectly worn bracelets are not valid.
  17. The Administration and staff are not responsible for injuries and accidents that take place in breach of amusement park instructions or staff instructions.
  18. By purchasing a ticket, you confirm that you have read and agreed to comply with the Park’s Terms and Conditions and its regulations.