Shooting gallery with prizes

This is fun and entertaining game to test your skill.

Basic rules:

  1. Choose the targets (ducks, bottles or cards) and let know about your choice personnel;
  2. You may open fire only after the signal from service personnel;
  3. You have 20 shots to shoot down 20 targets to get the Big prize;
  4. Only these targets are counted which overturns.

The prize you get by the number of targets shot down:

  • 0-19 targets – consolation prize,
  • 20 jars – big prize.
Ticket Price
1 game 2,00 €


  • The attraction is intended for visitors from 6 years.

Dear customers,

Before the visit to the attraction, please, read and introduce your child with the terms of use and make sure your child really wants to use the attraction.

Please, make sure your child does understand the terms of use and is willing to respect them.

During the visit to the attraction customers are willing to respect the instructions of the service staff.

During the visit to the attraction, if you have any questions, feeling unwell or other unforseen circumstances, please report to the service staff immediately.

„Shooting gallery with prizes” terms of use.

The attraction can be used only with the permission of the service personnel.

  • The customers are served sequentially from the queue.
  • The attraction may be used by 1-3 participants at the time
  • Take your place at the counter;
  • You may open fire only after the signal from service personnel.

!!! Please note that during the game bullets can bounce, so it is compulsory to wear safety glasses (for players and for viewers).

After the service personnel instruction, interrupt firing immediately and place the gun on the counter

Family and friends are welcome to help and support in achieving the goal.

It is prohibited to:

  1. Touch weapons and start shooting without staff authorization;
  2. Lean over the sides of the demarcations and cross the counter;
  3. Disturb other customers and damage the attraction in any way;
  4. Throw any objects to the target;
  5. To shoot anywhere else except targets.
  6. It is prohibited to shoot to other targets than your choice

Other terms:

  • Please be patient and respect other customers, wait in the queue and do not delay it.
  • In the case of technical failure of the attraction, please stay calm and do not worry, your ticket will be refunded or other alternative suggested.

It is prohibited to use the attractions whilst under the influence of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances!

If the customer fails to comply with the terms of use of the attraction, the service personnel, assessing the situation, has the right to state the remarks, not admit or even ban the customer from the attraction.

The service provider provides a secure visit, in accordance with the instructions that has to be strictly followed by the user / visitor.

Responsibility of the service provider – to ensure that equipment of the attraction is safe and appropriate to standards.

User responsibility – to use the equipment in accordance with the instructions and to follow the instructions of the service personnel.

Administration and service personnel are not responsible for injuries and accidents that have occurred without observing the instructions for use of the attraction and not following the instructions of the service personnel.

Have a pleasant visit!