Attraction Excavator is suitable for both children and adults.

Visitors to the attraction have the opportunity to get into the skin of real builders and operate the excavatpr themselves. Special attraction control levers allow you to operate the excavator bucket, dig and move the sand in a specially designed box.

The attraction is automated, meaning, it does not require a ticked from box office to attend it. In order to use the attraction, visitors must place an euro coin the space provided. We ask that you prepare exactly one euro coin, as the attraction will not accept any other coin and will not give out change.

Duration of the attraction – 1 minute.


Attraction ticket Price
1 person 1,00 €

Dear customers,

Before the visit to the attraction, please, read and introduce your child with the terms of use and make sure your child really wants to use the attraction.

Please, make sure your child does understand the terms of use and is willing to respect them.

During the visit to the attraction customers are willing to respect the instructions of the service staff.

Dear parents, while your child is using the attraction, please, be nearby in the case your child needs you or the service personnel needs to contact you.

Responsibility of the service provider – to ensure that equipment of the attraction is safe and appropriate to standards.

User responsibility – to use the equipment in accordance with the instructions and to follow the instructions of the service personnel.