Day ticket

To avoid having to buy a separate ticket for each attraction, we have made it possible to buy a day ticket for the amusement park.

Day ticket to visit Lidolande attractions – only € 18.00 per person. *

Only the person who wants to use the attractions needs to buy a day ticket. If a child is using a day ticket, parents are not obliged to buy a day ticket if they do not want to use the attractions themselves. Most attractions will be free for parents (if the attraction has a shared seats, such as the Autodrome, Boats, Ships of dreams, Little train). A separate ticket will be required for the attractions “Velocarts”, “Tower” and other attractions if the parent wishes to use them separately (taking a separate seat, boat, car, trampoline, etc.).

* Day ticket prices may vary depending on the season and the range of attractions on offer.

Day ticket:

  • is valid for one person on your chosen date during the working hours of the attractions ;
  • is valid only in all attractions, except for the “King of the jars”, “Hippodrome”, “Darts”, “Shooting range”, “Duck pond”, “Shooting gallery”, “Donkey” and arcade games (Basketball, Football, Box machine); the information about the range of amusements can be found at Lidolande’s ticket office;
  • allows you to use any theme for unlimited number of times.

! Note that visitor with a day ticket must take into account the age, height and weight restrictions. Choose the most suitable attractions!

! With a day ticket also take into account the time limits for each attraction, to use the attraction again, the visitor must wait in the queue.

! The attractions are operated only in suitable weather conditions. When buying a day ticket, please, assess weather conditions. The money for a day ticket is not refundable if the ticket has been used and the attractions are closing sooner due to the severe weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.

! Please note that the day tickets (bracelets) have to be put around the hand (or leg) of the person who is visiting the attraction. Bracelets put on by parents are not suitable for children. Incorrectly worn bracelets are not valid.


  • 30% discount for Day ticket with Annels friends card; the discount is granted to the card holder;
  • 30% discount for Day ticket with 3+ Ģimenes kartethe discount is granted to the persons named on the card;
  • 30% discount for Day ticket with Bonava card; discount is granted to the card holder + 2 persons.