Annels driving school

  • Driving lessons are suitable for visitors of all ages.
  • Before lesson you’ll need to provide information about owner of Annels driving license (name, surname, date of birth);
  • During the lesson Instructor will explain the rules of the road, as well as the main things you need to know, walking down the street.
  • Parents can attend classes with their children, but Annels driver’s license will be issued only to the registered children.
  • After lesson registered visitors will be issued Annels driver’s license.


Annels driver’s license:

  • Works as a client card and provides the following bonuses and discounts (upon presentation of the driver’s license):
    • At Lido amusement park:
      • 30% discount on the day ticket price;
      • Buy a ticket to the Velocarting track (10min), and get the other 10 min for free (1 person);
    • At Annels playgrounds:
      • Visit the playground for an hour, the second hour will be for free (1 person);
    • Annels amusement rental:
      • 15% discount on any rental attractions.
    • Upon presentation of a check of driving school visit, you will receive one free visit to Velocarting track (1 pers. 10min);
    • Discounts and bonuses are not cumulative with other Annels sales and discounts;
    • Note that Annels is entitled to change the discounts and bonuses. Detailed information about current discounts are available on the home page –


Ticket Price
1 person 7,00 €